Yaqueline Castellanos - lead vocal

Luis Felipe de Armas - lead vocal

Dayana Izajar Sanchez -  perc.

Klaus Bräuer - saxes, band leader

Rudi Pilz - trumpet

Andy Mittermair - trombone

Yoelvy Torres  Montano - piano

Gottfried Angerer - bass

Mike Mittersteiner - congas

Victor Fuentes Hernandez-timbales


SANMERA - hot salsa & afro-cuban music 

Started in the year 1998 as a project of Austrian jazz-musicians, the band developed to a high-class 10-member salsa orchestra with international impact. During the years bandleader and saxophonist Klaus Bräuer formed a "dream-team" with some of the greatest musicians from Cuba, Columbia and Austria.It's all there: a brass section with a bite, percussion that is melodious and seductive, imaginative keyboards, a clear and present bass line, subtle background vocals and the extraordinary lead voices of Yaqueline Castellanos and Luison.

About Yaqueline Castellanos:
Yaqueline is known as the Sonera of her generation in Cuba, called "La voz de Cuba - the voice of Cuba". Since the beginning of her career in 1984, she has shared the stage with world renowned artists such as Elena Burke, María Dolores Pradera, Omara Portuondo, Moncho, Celina Gonzálezi, Dyango, Los Panchos and Armando Manzanares.  For her song Como me ha ensultado – 1995 No. 1 in the US-Billboard-Latincharts – she got famous all over the world.

About Luison:
On the zenith of his brilliant career in Cuba - working with Ibrahim Ferrer, Omara Portuondo and other Cuban stars - Luison (Luis Felipe de Armas Bocalandro) moved to Europe in the 1990-ies. Famous for his impulsive voice and staggering performance he became an important member of the European Latin scene.

SANMERA - great listening, great dancing!

Sanmera - Live at the Posthof Linz, 2008

Valamar Jazz Festival photopostcard